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Products : Smarteye/360° Vision.
It is a new technology that offers a simple but highly effective safety solution for the driver
All vehicles have blind spots - area around the vehicle that are obscured to the driver by bodywork or machinery. When manouevring, these blind spots present a significant danger to anything or anyone within the vehicle's path and inhibit the driver's ability to operate the vehicle safety.

Brigade's 360°/Smart eye is an intelligent camera monitor system designed to assist low speed manoeuvrability by providing the driver with complete surround view of the vehicle in real time. Four Ultra wide-angle cameras mounted on the front sides and rear of the vehicle capture the surrounding areas of the vehicle including all blind spots.

Simultaneous digital images from these cameras are then processed and'video stitched' resulting in a 360° bird's eye view within a single image delivering a clear, real time picture on the driver's monitor in the cab.

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