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Mining Industry Back Sense

The Challenge
The busy environment that mining equipment works in each day is full of potential dangers. Your operators must overcome massice blind spots as they maneuver through obstacles that range from various sized vehicles and machines to foot traffic. Surface mines need a safety solution that integrates existing tools while reducing their most prevalent accidents : close-proximity blind spot collisions.

The Solutions
Back Sense Safety Alert System (SAS), an interated safety solution that incorporates passive technologies with the active approach of Back Sense Radar to create a complete safety solution.

How it works
When a stationary or moving object detected by the Back Sense sensor(s) in the operators blind spot, he receives an audible and visual warning through the in-cab display. An internal relay in the Back Sense system can trigger a back-up alarm, safety light, and/or camera to activate. This significantly reduces work the site desensitization caused by constant back-up alarm and flashing safety lights since these will only activate if someone is in the detection zone.

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